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Wing Door Components


WR4.5 – Wing Door Roller for most Standard/Exec, Exec I, and some Exec II hangars

Confirm your wing door tracks match the standard profile depicted.

Roller Dimensions: 4 1/2″ long x 1 1/2″ wide (4 1/2” Bolt)

Side and top view of Standard, Exec, & Exec I wing door roller

Price: $90.00 each

S&H: $15.00 per roller

*In Stock*

WR7.5 *NEW* – Wing Door Roller XL for certain large track hangars (some Exec I, II, & IIIs)

Measure your wing door tracks to confirm they match the profile below.

XL Roller Dimensions: 7 1/2″ long x 1 13/16″ wide (6 5/8” Bolt)

Side view of the wing door roller XL

Price: $140.00 each 

S&H: $20.00 per roller

*In Stock*

PH72 – Wing Door Padlock Handle

Top, side, and open view of wing door padlock handle

Price: $50.00 each

S&H: $15.00 per handle

*In Stock*

CCH311 – Centercase Door Lock & Handle

Top view of inside wing door centercase spoon handle and lock

Price: $100.00 per set (one handle + one lock)

S&H: $15.00 per lock & handle combo

*In Stock*

CCL311 – Centercase Lock 

Price: $75.00 each (one lock only)

S&H: $15.00 per lock

*In Stock*

CCS311 – Spoon Handle

Price: $25.00 each (one handle only)

S&H: $10.00 per handle

*In Stock*

WDH84 *NEW* – Wing Door Hinge – 7ft (84″) standard wing door hinge for most bi-fold wing doors

(pictures coming soon!)

Price: $200.00 each

S&H: $50.00 per hinge

*In Stock*

*Need a different size hinge? Email us at with details!