Door Rollers & Bolts


RS2421 – Riveted Main Door Sheave. Dimensions: 4 3/8″L x 7/8″W (5/8″ inside diameter)

Side and top view of riveted main door sheave

Price: $75.00 each

S&H: $15.00 per sheave

*In Stock*

MR04101 – Main Door Guide Roller with Shaft

Main door guide roller assembly for select 1982 and newer hangars

Price: $175.00 each

S&H: $40.00 per roller



WR4.5 – Wing Door Roller for most Standard/Exec, Exec I, and some Exec II hangars

Confirm your wing door tracks match the standard profile depicted.

Roller Dimensions: 4 1/2″ long x 1 1/2″ wide (4 1/2” Bolt)

Side and top view of Standard, Exec, & Exec I wing door roller

Price: $90.00 each

S&H: $15.00 per roller

*In Stock*

WR7.5 *NEW* – Wing Door Roller XL for certain large track hangars (some Exec I, II, & IIIs)

Measure your wing door tracks to confirm they match the profile below.

XL Roller Dimensions: 7 1/2″ long x 1 13/16″ wide (6 5/8” Bolt)

Side view of the wing door roller XL

Price: $140.00 each 

S&H: $20.00 per roller

*In Stock*


SL6 – Slam Lock

Custom made Slam Lock mechanism for select hangars with top and bottom locks

Coated in red anti-rust and corrosion spray

Price: $200.00 each

S&H: $25.00 per lock

*In Stock*

CB12 *NEW* – Cane Bolt – for most standard and some executive I hangar wing doors


Price: $20.00 each

S&H: $10.00 per bolt

*In Stock*

FB6 – Foot Bolt (6”)

Front view of foot bolt. Special rounded bottom to avoid catching early

Price: $30.00 each

S&H: $15.00 per foot bolt

*In Stock*