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This is an information only site and sales are no longer available. The original site owner has retired and there is currently no one available to pick up where he left off. The phone number listed on every Port-A-Port hangar has been ported and is no longer active. This status may change if a new site owner comes forward. Anyone interested in obtaining this site & phone number may email bill@portaportparts.com, however no other questions or inquiries will be responded to. 

  1. Port-A-Port Hangars
    The original manufacturer closed their doors in 1989 and, for the most part, no new Port-A-Port hangars have been available since then. Used ones can occasionally be found for sale at airports that have re-purposed the area where the hangars were located or have actually closed down.
  2. Port-A-Port hangar parts
    Listed Port-A-Port hangar parts are made for use on any of the Port-A-Port Standard and Executive line of portable aircraft hangars.
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  3. Port-A-Port hangar insurance
    An association has been established for the benefit of Port-A-Port aircraft hangar owners to obtain group insurance for their privately owned or rented Port-A-Port aircraft hangar.
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  4. Port-A-Port Parts Installation tips
    This section is provided as a guide only for the Port-A-Port parts installation of extension springs, main door sheaves and wing door rollers. Hangar type and local site conditions may warrant different installation techniques.
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